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About Millennial Mindset

Millennial Mindset Purpose?

Millennial Mindset is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2019, as a place where passions, dreams and visions come to life! Our goal is to cultivate Heaven’s culture on Earth by awakening the God given gifts and talents that we all possess for the betterment of mankind in our communities and beyond. Our aim is to remove division among generations by bridging the gap between organizations and community. Furthermore, our desire is to work with organizations to create a strong focus on using their gifts and talents while working cooperatively for community growth.

Millennial Minds Initiative to Collaborate…

Millennial Mindset started as a collective space where people can gather and discuss ideas, solutions and opportunities to give back to students and people in our communities and organizations.


We have developed partnerships with organizations and schools to help support specific needs and cultivate strong foundations to create awareness around these initiatives. Through our partnerships we can continue meaningful collaborations where the organizations can share resources to reach the lives and meet the needs of people in any community.

We currently have partnerships with Blessed 26 Mentoring Organization and Lafayette Academy Lower School which provides funding and donations of school supplies to both organizations throughout the school year.  This collaboration provides opportunities for continued literacy, parent and teacher collaboration and community service.  This helps our schools and students continue to focus on their teaching and learning without the hassle of struggling to provide supplies for students.  In the future, we will provide necessities for individuals and families during our annual seasonal homeless initiative.


Join the Cause


As Millennial Mindset continues to change the lives of many, we invite individuals and businesses to help aid in our effort to do this work.  We have many options for you or your business to be involved as we support our communities. Please click the link to see where you can get involved in THE CHANGE.